SATURDAY 10.11. – 10:30 – 12:30 
Hello Dear Yoga Community of Prague,
my name is George Anthony. I’m a travelling yoga teacher. I’ve spent much of the last 10 years in Thailand & South East Asia but also taught in Dubai, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, and this year I have my first trips to Europe.
Hip Opening – A practice focusing on the lower body in strength and surrender, to balance structurally the feet, ankles, knees, hips and greatly open the hips with the potential to access new poses.
The workshop includes also breath-work and short meditation.
RESERVATION IMPORTANT !!! In the studio or via the booking system, call +420 737 279 521 by e-mail

2.6.2018, 1-3pm 

Lektor: Markéta Makovská

Spine should be able to move to all directions to be healthy and strong. Hence, back bending is an important part of yoga practice as counterbalance for forward bends, for chest area opening and strengthening of front side of the body. Anyway, for many yoga practitioners back bends are not the favourite ones and sometimes painful as well.

In this workshop we bring attention to right technique to build strong and pleasant practice of back bending. You are going to learn how to use right muscles and liberate the spine for deeper and enjoyable back bends.

Armbalance & Inversion Workshop with Lisa-Maria

Arm balances and inversions are a fun part of yoga practice that will help you to build strength, improve balance and increase mental focus.

Thoughts about DanceYoga

Take a deep breath in… and let`s see J

Why dance? Why yoga? Why DanceYoga?!

Dance is good – everybody knows it. It is a miracle, the magical tool of expressing our emotions when words are not enough. Here are some of  the dance promoting phrases we all have already heard a million times: dance is there for you when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are lonely or when you are with friends, when you are comfortably on the surface or when you want to sink. For me dance is a gift, an opportunity to show the opposite poles, it is the language that not only connects but combines the extremes. When I am tensed, dance helps me to relax. When I am slow, it speeds me up. When I want to distract my thoughts, dance sweeps out my brain. When I have to concentrate all my power, dance helps me to focus. When I want to share my secrets with the world, but I cannot, I can dance about them without revealing. When I have to be tough, I can melt in dancing. When I have to fit to the society, the animal inside can get free during dancing. And when I am stuck, movement and music always help to move forward.

And if we look further from the mental aspect of dance, we find real physical demand. Happened to me several times that someone asked me: Do you do some sport? – Yes, I am dancing. –  Pffff, cool, and  I am playing chess – sounded the answer… But the truth is that during dancing we are activating muscles which were hardly considered to be existing by laic before a dance lesson. And next day the sore muscles come – maybe more intensively than after a chess game..

So what about the other part?

Yoga is good – everybody knows it as well. Meanwhile dance is more focused on self-expression, yoga is aiming to find the inner harmony. We can find thousands of articles, books which are providing detailed information about the benefits of yoga – just in nutshell: yoga is improving the balancing skills, flexibility, endurance, increasing the physical and mental power, boosting the immune system, extending the lung-capacity, strengthening the heart and the entire cardio-vascular system, and so on..

Above all yoga gives me stability, balance, not only in the sense that I am able to stand on one foot but also balance in my soul and head. Yoga helps me to discover myself, to get to know my own body by reaching the limits and then overstep them. It teaches me how to listen to the small resonances of my body and how to react to them. Generally it elevates my energy level – for me a perfect day starts in the yoga ashram.

So we already see that dance and yoga are both pretty beneficial and enjoyable at the same time. How did I happen to combine them?

I am dancing for more than 20 years. I have been participating in a multitude of competitions since the age of 9 in – national and international competitions, European Championship with great results (1st, 2nd and 3rd places). Later I have started to work on various projects as dancer and choreographer.

I got in touch with yoga a decade ago, but started to dig into it already with “adult head”. I wanted to figure out what is the secret – how come yoga attracts thousands of people when it seems to be so easy. Just breath in and out, hold some postures and that’s it. Not a big deal. And then the reality slapped my face (and all the other parts of my body) after the first challenging lesson and I had to learn that I do not necessarily have to do aerodynamic moves to have little streams of sweat on my forehead.

And then on an innocent Friday afternoon I got injured on a dance lesson – my hamstring got partially torn. No dance trainings, loss of flexibility, pain and painfully slow recovery was the balance. After couple of months of no improvement I have started to attend hot yoga lessons hoping that it will heal me. And it worked! Slowly, but visible, lesson by lesson I felt better. And meanwhile yoga was cure for my thigh, it improved many other skills as well. So my eyes got open – if it is working so effectively when I am injured, why it wouldn’t be good as prevention! And from here, the idea of DanceYoga was so obvious – yoga has such added values that are useful for every dancer!

And if I look at DanceYoga from the non-dancer side:         The need for dance, for music and for the harmony of these two is living in all of us since human kind exists. The wish to create something new, aesthetic, playful and variable. But we often hide this need – I like dancing, but I can`t so I rather don`t do it. Only in the kitchen or garage when no one can see me.

DanceYoga gives place to everyone, regardless dancer background, to fulfill this need. Space to discover our own body and personality.  A lesson where we can set up new goals and face new challenges without any pressure. And this is how we are forcing our muscles and mind to be continuously improved.

So the beauty of DanceYoga is that all the above listed advantages of dance and yoga are merged in one form. Physical (strong and flexible muscles and tendons, protected joints, higher endurance, increased lung capacity, extended balancing skills, cardio-vascular stability) and mental (inner peace, harmony in the every days, creativity, variety, platform for self-expression, get to know ourselves more, working on our own limitations,   being more open to the others) equally.

And as a cherry on top of the cake, in the studio Yoga Blue Art we are having the DanceYoga lessons in a heated room which – besides of opening new doors for development – provides us with numerous extra benefits: during practicing DanceYoga we are detoxicating our body, lowering the possibility of injuries, cleaning and elasticizing our skin, accelerating the metabolism, lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

So if I made you interested, curious or you are skeptical I am happy to welcome you on the DanceYoga lessons in studio Yoga Blue Art every Wednesday from 17:30 and Friday from 19:30.

Betti Rompos